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If you’re ready to shake up your business, let’s begin!

• We will contact you in response to your support request.

Arrange initial 1:1 meeting or Skype meeting with your key business decision makers. At this meeting we will start to identify the key constraints affecting business performance. We will also discuss expectations of support – what you can expect from us and what we expect from you, estimated timescale to implement your desired outcomes and budget. You may only need a few hours to shake up your business or need a full package of support.

Your outcomes may be to:
• Increase profitability
• Increase growth
• Increase market share
• Develop strategic/operational/business plans
• Maintain/develop sustainability
• Employ staff/more staff
• Develop your staff to be more effective
• Manage change
• Enter new markets
• Create new revenue streams
• Relocate your business

Once you have decided to engage with us, we will put a plan in place, which usually includes:

Detailed discussions with key decision makers about leadership & management and the people in your business, about how your business operates, about your current and forecast financial situation, about who your customers and stakeholders are, about what makes your business different

Vision – what this is, how to create the right one, what you want to achieve, who is involved in it, how it is communicated, timescale

Strategy – how you are going to achieve your vision, what needs to be in place, action planning to succeed

Implementation – once you have agreed a strategy, it’s about working through your list of actions and activities to get you nearer to your vision, one step at a time

Once you start the process, you will have access to support whenever you need it, whether you need a quick answer to a problem or need us to attend a management meeting.

We will support you to shake up and transform your business, your leadership and your teams.



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